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Dancing on2 is dancing on the second beat of the music. This style is typically known as Mambo or New York Style Salsa on2


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The dance style New York on2 is popularised by the mambo dancer Eddie Torres. The Picture on the right is of Sai & Deanne with Eddie and Maria Torres.
Why dance on2?       Dates of workshops
Dancing on2 is different from dancing on1.

Some differences include the feel for the music, turn pattern styles and also the look of the dance.



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Sai & Deanne      

Sai & Deanne as well as Salsa Champions are also Mambo (on2) Champions.

They have a deep understanding of dancing on2 and have trained many instructors on the method of dancing on2.


Deanne interview by Newyorksalsa.com
They were one of the first pioneers of New York style Salsa On2 in the UK. They have also been innovators of dancing on2 for a long time. They were the first to enter Competitions on2 as well as one of the first to set up regular dance classes on2.

They were also among one of the first promoters to bring over New York Instructors to give special workshops for dancers in the UK. See article on the addie-tude website.


Read Deanne's article and interview by Manny Silverio of the well renowned newyorksalsa.com

Here she explains her background, profile and views on dancing