How do I dance Salsa?       Video!

Salsa is danced over 2 measures, in other words 8 dancerís beats. Here is how we break down the mambo step

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The steps             What is Salsa on2?

1.         Stand with your weight even distributed on both feet.

2.         Step onto your left foot taking a forward step, keeping you right foot in place. Your weight will now be on the left foot. That is beat 1

3.         Next, keeping the left foot in place, replace the weight of the body onto the right foot. Note that there is no movement from the feet. that is beat 2

4.         On the third beat, while still having the weight on your right foot, bring your left foot to close next to the right foot. The body weight now will swing onto the left foot

5.         The next step is to take a small step back on the right foot on beat 5, with the weight transferring onto the right foot. (beat 4 is held with no movement from the feet)

6.         On beat 6, keeping all the feet in position, transfer just the weight onto the left foot.

7.         Finally, bring the right foot to the side of the left foot on beat 7, and transfer the body weight back onto the right foot

Now repeat the steps from the beginning. Congratulations, You are now ready to dance salsa!

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